Hamstein was primarily a country music publishing company, but I wasn't entirely country in style or music. 

I had a mix of musical influences and interests, which included country, but my roots were Gospel, my piano training was classical, and my Elektra record was pop/adult contemporary.  

Despite the two country cuts with Faith and Lorrie, I could never seem to find my roots in Nashville any longer, or find a home base, like I once had.

Plus, my circle of people were primarily professional in nature, and I had no close group of friends or family nearby. 

I was lonely and needed emotional support.

I found a true friend in Ann Rowell, and she was my companion for the next 9 years or so.   

I moved to Bristol, TN which was her hometown, and traveled frequently back and forth from there to Nashville during that time. 

I cared for Ann deeply and found her to be one of the brightest, fun, and most interesting people to talk to and be around, however there were differences of the heart between us.

I had been in another “woman to woman” relationship before, but was always a little unsure of how I spiritually felt about it. 

That mix of feelings eventually led to the closure of our relationship.

I was writing and recording lots of songs between Bristol and Nashville, but felt like I wasn't really making an impact in the industry any longer.

My time in Bristol, however was important for me, as I began to realize there, how important attending to my emotional needs was to my mental health, behaviors, and overall stability. 



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