When all you've got left are broken dreams 
and so many questions still unanswered. 
When it looks like the world is closing in and no one 
but you is on your side. 

Don't forget, so many things can change, 
that's how the game is played 
In the end, only winners take the prize 
so keep your will alive, don't lose it.

So many things come and go away
it's only what's yours that really matters
you must learn to bend, but never break
When everything falls apart

Cause in life, there's a lot we can't explain
so believe in all that you can do
and it's sure to see you through
every lonely mile.

Music break

If a dream is burning in your soul
don't ever let it go.
The reward is worth the price you pay
And you'll see someday that yours
will be the glory.

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