Growing Up

My sis & me

In the mid 70's

I was born in 1964 in Logan, WV, and spent most of my growing up years in Florida. 

My Dad was a music minister, and my mother a pianist.  I have one sister, Robin, and as a family we sang together in the church, while Mom accompanied us on the piano.  

For my 10th birthday, I was given piano lessons as a birthday present.  While it didn't excite me at the time, I took lessons for several years, and grew to love the instrument. 

In the 70's, I studied classical piano under Dr. Pierre Huybregts, professor at University of West Florida.  

While classical piano was a good foundation for my musical ear and understanding, I was more interested in black gospel music, which I took to with great passion, under the influence of Guy Heath, who was our pastor at Brownsville Assembly of God church, where my father was minister of music. 

It was during this time, in my mid teens, that I discovered my interest and gift for songwriting.

I  In truth, I felt an awkward relationship with my new name, and didn't like being called Constant, nevertheless, I felt compelled to keep it.