You may be down and feel like God 
Has somehow forgotten 
That you are faced with circumstances 
You can't get through 
But now it seems that there's no way out 
And you're going under 
God's proven time and time again 
He'll take care of you 

And He'll do it again friend, He'll do it again
just take a look 
At where you are now and where you've been 
hasn't He always come through for you 
well He's the same now as then 
You may not know how, You may not know when 
But He'll do it again 

God knows the things you're going through 
And He knows how you're hurting 
You see he knows just how your heart 
Has been broken in two...

but He's the God of the stars, the sun, the sea, and He is your Father  
He'll calm the storm  
He'll find some way to fix it for you