God saved me when I was a young gal.   I lost my way and my moral compass at times, but by God's sustaining love and mercy, I have finally learned to trust Him and obey His calling.   

I have written gospel songs for the church, like, He'll Do It Again and I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel, and have written pop and country songs for other artists like Faith Hill, Earth Wind & Fire, Anita Baker and others.   I, at one time in the 90's had a record deal with Elektra Records, only to have it pulled out from under me.   What seemed like failure to me at the time, God has turned into a blessing.

I struggled with a manic/ bi-polar disorder that led me into some very dark places in my life.   I've seen the hand of God change me, heal me, and protect me time and time again.  

I would love to share my testimony with your church or youth group.  
If you are interested in having me, please contact me or call  850-207-6388.