"i am not ashamed of the gospel"

"if i'm not in love" - The Song

History of the Song

"The Gospel of Jesus Christ was what I was raised to believe.   As a thinker, however, and an analyst of reason, I have often struggled, despite my love for Christ, to fully commit myself to the faith because of all the "logical" reasons why Christianity doesn't make sense.  

In the late 80's, I wrote this song as though I was fully committed, when in fact, there was still much of my mind still uncertain.   This song was inspired by how I could imagine I would feel if I was completely surrendered to the faith.  The older I get, the more "all in" I become, and the more authentically real this song becomes to me."  

In 1990, gospel legend, Janet Paschal, originally recorded "I Am Not Ashamed" on her album, LANGUAGE OF THE HEART.  She has also beautifully recorded several other of Dawn's songs.  

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir recorded this song in 1993 on their album entitled, LIVE...WE COME REJOICING.  It's a powerful and anointed live recording that will move your heart.


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