"if i'm not in love"

"if I'm not in love" Song

History of the Song

"In 1992, I wrote this song about my therapist, of all people.  I struggled for years with a manic, bi-polar disorder and spent several years in therapy.  As most people do, I fell in love with "the therapist".  My feelings however were in many ways a replication of a previous romantic relationship I had in 1982, when deeply in love with a married man.  

Torn by my Christian beliefs and my romantic feelings, I questioned what could be true about my understanding of God if "true love" can exist outside of God's will.  From this dilemma, I wrote the lyrics,

"...if I'm not in love with you, what is this I'm going through tonight?  And if this heart is lying then, what should I believe in..."

Once the song was written, Scott Sherrif and I produced a simple demo of it with basically piano and my vocal.  Despite some vocal imperfections, the demo ended up chosen as one of the songs recorded on the Indecent Proposal movie soundtrack, starring Demi Moore and Robert Redford."

If I'm Not In Love has since been recorded by several artists, most popularly however, in 1999, by Faith Hill on her on her BREATHE album, which sold 7 million copies.   Crossover Christian artist, Kathy Triccolli, also recorded and singled If I'm Not In Love.


Most recently, Dawn wrote a new last verse to this classic.  She recorded it in April of 2019.  Get your copy exclusively here.




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