"in it after all"

"if i'm not in love" - The Song

History of the Song

"I wrote this song the night I got my first publishing deal in Nashville.  I was so overwhelmed by God's goodness and the opportunity that lay before me.  I realized in those inspirational moments that God had been leading me all along, despite the times I couldn't tell."

"...so You were in it after all, all of those moments I spent crying when something inside of me was dying, I didn't know that You heard me each time I called.  You had a reason for those trials, I guess I grew stronger every mile, now I know that You were in it after all..."

Larnelle Harris recorded In It After All in 1989 on his album, I CAN BEGIN AGAIN.  The song was a #1 hit on the Billboard charts and was Dawn's first number 1 hit.  

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