Writer, Maggie Francis Lane
copyright A Timeless Company, Inc

What do you hear?  The howling of darkness and dread, the song of your dreams, the drumming of your toil and strain, the anthem of your faith? 

The world is a cacophony of sounds from which those sagaciously attuned, emerge joyful and victorious.  All others, whose ears are dull and simple, hear noise that weakens the body, wounds the spirit, and clouds the mind 

Listen to the voice of virtue and the wind of opportunity while it is passing, for it is passing.  Let it carry you into eternal purpose and lasting greatness. 

By will, the ears of your spirit, hear, so listen with much discretion to lovely words of honor and praise. 

Despair, that dreadful orator, whose tongue is a deadly arrow;  ignore its clamorous chatter and thunderous speech, for its voice will slowly destroy and bring you to ruin. 

Listen to the chorus of the hills and the earth; to the silent majesty of the rising sun; to the roaring ocean and the babbling brook; to the warmth of a dog’s love, the kindness of a friend, and the will of God.