"NO OTHER GOD" - The Song

Song History

"I wrote "No Other God" while waiting for an Uber call early one morning in late 2017.  I had been reading through the bible, mainly the Old Testament, by audio.  Through that process, I was inspired to write this song.  As a lover of hymns, and the power of the message, I wrote the music as a hymn.   I have recorded the only released version."

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No Other God Lyrics 

Verse 1 

Maker of space and time 
Air and the earth's foundations 
Savior of all mankind 
Ruler of kings and nations 

You gave light 
to the morning and the day 
And You gave life 
To all things created 
So let the heavens and all the earth proclaim 
There is no God but You 
There’s no other God but You 

Vs 2 
Author of truth and faith 
Of all that is right and blameless 
None can assume Your place 
There’s no one so good, so gracious 

You are great 
You are greatness 
And I find my purpose in You 
The oceans sing 
The wind declares it 
Because they know it’s true 
There’s no other God but You

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