ONly For A While - The Song

Spend The night - the song

History of the Song

"I wrote this song in Nashville while taking a perspective look at the hardships we face, and finding strength in knowing that painful times are for a season.   They last "only for a while".   This song was recorded by me initially while signed to Elektra records.  

It was released by Anita Baker in the mid 90's.   She did a soulful smooth rendition on her Rhythm of Love album.  It's funny how those lyrics spoke to me after losing that record deal.   

Chorus Lyrics:
"If you're in the valley, and life is so unkind, if the tears keep falling from your tired eyes.  If burdens seem so heavy and if it's hard to smile, then just remember it's only for a while."

You may lose your way, but keep the faith, and press on."  

"Only for a While" was also beautifully recorded by Janet Paschal, on her Songs for a Lifetime album. 

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Only For A While

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