In 2004, I returned to Pensacola and purchased a house in Lillian, AL in 2005, two minutes from  Pensacola.   

Surrounded by family, I felt that much needed emotional support, love and stability, and started seeing significant and positive  changes in myself.

My behaviors, and moods were leveling out, and far less erratic.

I was starting to find other interests, primarily tennis, that helped to provide a community of friends for me and a great social network. 

So close to parents again, however, I was often inclined to adopt their spiritual beliefs, but being much older, I felt better able to embrace the parts, that for me were "my own", and keep at arms length, the parts I still felt unsure about.

I could tell that I was starting to successfully integrate those conflicted, inconsonant pieces of my spiritual self into a wholly unified person.     

There was real joy in my life at this time, even though, I was still hounded by the obsessive compulsive thoughts that I had never fully addressed medically or with anyone in therapy.  


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