So GLad It's You

"i am not ashamed of the gospel"

History of the Song

Every song has a story, and this one's no different.   

Cher and I have been friends for 12 years or so.    Just a few months ago in March 2019, on one particular night, we had an argument about something, can't even remember, but she left the room.  Early the next morning,  I came up with the lyrics and a new song.   Did some tweakin' to it, but eventually it turned into, SO GLAD IT'S YOU. 

Some of the lyrics go like this:
I woke up early this morning, and you were sleeping, and I was just thinkin' about all of the good times, and even the bad times, and how we came through it...and your friendship means so much to me.  Yes I could go through life alone, but it's sure nice knowin' that there's somebody out there who cares about me, and I'm glad it's you.

 It's a fun, happy song of real love and steady friendship.  Hope it makes you smile and appreciate those REALLY close to you..   

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    So Glad It's You

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