Artists, producers, need an original song for your upcoming album or music project? 

Original Jazz-

1.  Funny How Love Is 
Funny How Love Is is a love ballad  and perfect for crooners who need a soft, smooth classic.  

2.  Does It Really Matter
Does It Really Matter is lyrically a love song, however the words are contemplative and insightful.  A "must" on your project if you need this type of tune to balance other light weight material.  

Original Gospel -

1.  No Other God
No Other God is a powerful inspirational gospel song.  It is a mid tempo, with strong chorus and full orchestration.   If your ministry appeals to a Gaither fan base, this song fits into that genre.

2.  Love This World
This is not a typical gospel song, however the message is global, i.e. "...we can love this world one person at a time; we can change the way things are..."   Groovin' mid tempo.  Updated production will make this song special.

Original Pop / Country / AC

1.  We Need Each Other
This is a "pull out the lighter" in concert song.  Positive message and a mid tempo that your audience will hold hands and sway to.  This demo is AC genre, however the song lends itself to country production possibilities for sure.   I would say, older Judds like tune, in the vein of "Love Can Build a Bridge"


Need a unique wedding song or a customized song, just for you?   Dawn will take your love story and turn it into a beautiful song and sound recording.    Pick a love song already composed, or let her write one specifically for YOU.


Dawn will write a customized love song for you.  She also creates a  mastered CD recording of your song, which comes beautifully packaged for you at no additional price. The design of the CD and CD jacket will match the scheme of your wedding colors.

The package costs $1200 dollars, and payments are made in four stages.   

Stage 1  - $250
The first payment is $250, and it gets the process started.  Once this payment is made,  you will be sent a "Our Love Story" info sheet, where you will explain how you and your partner came to fall in love.   

Stage 2  - $250
A completed song draft and demo is submitted to you.  If you have any lyric revision requests, you will submit and discuss those with Dawn.   Payment 2, for $250, is then submitted.
Note:  If NO revisions are necessary, you will make payments 2 and 3, totaling $600, and will continue directly to stage 4.   

Stage 3 - $350 
The third payment is made after getting the revised song draft.  Once approved, you will make payment 3 and song production begins.  

Stage 4 - $350 
The fourth and final payment is made once the production is complete.  Your final payment is required to receive your master recording and cd package. 

The process is guaranteed to take no more than 90 days.  Your CD and CD cover is custom designed printed using colors  that compliment your wedding color scheme, plus shipping is FREE.

When you make your purchase, you will be asked to submit a summary of your love story and how you and your partner came to fall in love.    Your song will be composed and recorded within 60 days or less.    Before the final song production is presented, you will be given a song preview once the song is composed, and be allowed to make a revision request to the lyrics.   A final mastered recording will be beautifully packaged and submitted to you.  The CD cover includes beautiful artwork, according to the colors of your wedding color scheme, along with lyrics and your wedding date.     To see a CD packaging example, please see our other song listings here.