Spend The night - the song

"if i'm not in love" - The Song

History of the Song

"Working with publisher, Gary McSpadden, in Nashville in the late 80's, early 90's, I was contracted to write over 50 songs per year, which by standards was an enormous amount of songs.  

I was in need of a song, and went to one of my favorite writing spots in Nashville, the Old Hickory Damn, to find inspiration.  

What I came up with was the chorus for this song.  I knew right away, that though simple, the melody could be made very special just by going to the IV major 7 on the word "spend".   So even though I can't say it was written for anyone in particular, it was still an inspired creation for me."

A few years later, after having written the song, while recording my album for Elektra Records, I was able to spend 2 weeks with Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire.  I greatly admired and was in awe of him, having grown up with all of his songs in the 70's, so I was super excited.  We spent several of those 14 days in the studio, and he asked me to play him some of my songs, so I just started singing "Spend The Night" for him on the keyboard.  

In 1993, he decided to record it with Earth Wind & Fire.   The recording and song production, I thought, exceeded even the song itself." 

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