I wasn't entirely sure where I belonged or how to move towards my future.  Plus, I still did not have a firm grasp of my own spiritual beliefs, and this was a big deal for me, since the uncertainty continued to affect my peace and clarity of direction.

I was a "songwriter."  That I knew for sure, but now I was an artist, who had lost a record deal, and I still felt very much like an artist.   While the record deal fell apart, that was still the vision I had of myself, and I desperately wanted a way back into that picture of my life.

Hoping to draw attention to myself, and something far greater than myself, in 1997,  I legally changed my name to Constant Change.  

At the time, I didn't altogether know the significance of the name, but I firmly believed that, "life is a dynamic environment and most things in life uncertain", "change inevitable,"

and "God, according to my experience, a constant intangible presence."

For those and other reasons, I found something about the name, Constant Change, intriguing, definitely spiritual,  and meaningful to me.