There Are Days

Writer, Maggie Francis Lane 
June 20, 2017
copyright A Timeless Company, Inc

There are days so novel and new;  when the playful sounds of a busy morning awaken my heart, and I feel designed for some meaningful event, plotted for no one but me.   

I am poised, like a cheetah, quick and sure footed,  and my mind, like a blue sky on the third day of spring, is illuminate and  bright.

There are days when I hear the quiet whisper of rain, and the silence of a gray fog like the bowing of a single cello.  I lay there, like a kitten on a rug, and my room is still;  the curtains lay open, but I shut the world out, pondering life and moments gone from me. 

There are days when the air feels like a feathery cloud, dreamy and distant;  like I don't belong to myself or the world, and places familiar to me seem strangely different; like I’m wandering through a play as a character; the one I chose to be, but don't recognize.

There are days, like today when colors are neutral, and my feelings are a mix of boredom and peaceful delight, and the senses are blank, like a canvas waiting to be painted.