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written by Constant Change "Dawn"
copyright 2014 A Timeless Company, Inc./BMI


For The Rest of My Life
written, produced, & recorded by Constant Change
copyright 2016 A Timeless Company, Inc / BMI

We only get so many years to live and then the time is gone
And having you here beside me is the only things that matters at all
These precious days we share will someday just be memories in my mind
And so I want to spend each one of them with you for the rest of my life

For the rest of my life, you're gonna be the one I run to
Every day and night, you're gonna be the one I give my love to
Til the day I die, it's with you I wanna share my secrets and my dreams, and every little thing about me
Cause there ain't no life if I have to spend my life without you
No I don't know why, but that's the way I feel about the
rest of my life
And I hope I get to spend it all with you

Tomorrows come and go and time just like the wind will slip away
And the pictures I look back on in my mind will be of you and me today
There's just no way to know
how many sunsets will paint the evening sky
But I wanna wake up every morning next to you for the rest of my life