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Been Through Enough

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written by Constant Change "Dawn"
copyright 1988


When I first began to walk with the Lord
I didn't really trust Him
How He longed for me to understand
that I could
So through the valley, He lead me
Afraid as I could be
Til I felt His loving arms embracing me

I've been through enough to know
He'll be enough for me
He's come through too many times
And that puts my mind at ease for good
I'll stake my very life that
He's gonna take care of me
Cause I've been through enough
to know He'll be enough for me.

How could I ever doubt a God
whose hands hold the universe
How could I ever question His ability
There's no where that I could go
that He doesn't know
the things that bother
He's always aware of where I am
and what I need

Repeat Chorus

I believe Him now after all these years
He's been faithful, He's proven to be true
Never more will I doubt or question why
Cause I've seen Him work before
And I know what God can do