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Produced by Constant Change
Written by Constant Change

copyright 2016 A Timeless Company, Inc./BMI


Our minds are filled with so much information
Our time is filled with dreams we must pursue
We spend each waking moment going somewhere
It seems there's always something left to do

But does it really matter if people go on living
And does it really matter if planets go on spinning
the world is full of wonder, things tiny great and small
But does it really matter at all
If you and I were strangers and our paths had never crossed
You think we'd care about it or feel a sense of loss
Is there some rhyme or reason, some mystery to solve
Or if we knew the answers, I wonder would it matter at all

And does it need to matter much
when we're here in life together and in love
It's really not that complicated, It doesn't have to be, in can be easy

Somehow we found each other and love, well that's Divine
If you need to analyze it, baby I don't mind
But if we can't find rhyme or reason,
And life's mysteries never solved
If we never find the answers,
I just don't think it matters at all