In 1997, Dawn changed her name to Constant Change.  Several reasons lead her to the name. 

At that time, she had just faced a devastating blow, having lost a record deal with Elektra Records, and the path she thought meant for her.

Like opposing feelings, the name is juxtaposed.

On the one hand, she says at times, she hates it, and yet on the other, she is proud to wear it, believing that God has been ever present and constant in His leading, even through dark days of disappointment and change. 

After years of struggle to know herself and find peace, Dawn has embraced the decision to change her name, along with the journey that led her to do it. 

"God’s grace, pardon, and love for me is constant.  In relationship with Him, I find meaning, purpose and joy.  Sometimes, it feels like that’s all I know about myself, where I am going, and why I’m here.  I hope the name, Constant Change, evokes thought and inspires others to trust in God through difficult times of change and uncertainty.  While I write and record by this name, I prefer to be called, Dawn."